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Larme is a side-scrolling puzzle platformer in which players uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of their parents using goggles that peer into alternate timelines.


"It combines beautiful hand drawn artwork, inventive level design, an intriguing game world and challenging gameplay"

Xbox Gamepad Controls:
Jump: "A"
Shoot: "B"
Charge Shot: Hold "B"
Gamma Vision: Right -or- Left Trigger
Pause: Start

Keyboard Controls:
Jump: Space bar
Shoot: Left Mouse Click // Left Ctrl
Charge Shot: Hold Left Mouse Click // Hold Left Ctrl
Gamma Vision: Right Click -or- "G" // Left Shift
Pause: "R"



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Larme_1.8.4a_Win.rar 82 MB
Larme_1.8.4a_mac.app.rar 94 MB

Development log


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Check out this play through by Are0us!

Really happy that I took a second look at Larme, there was so much I missed the first time! Though now I just have even more questions about this world of yours. Really looking forward to what you guys have in store!

(For whatever reason I can't comment on the GameJolt page)

Haya! I've gone through Larme and made a video of a part of my adventures. So I just wanna say a few words about my experience.

First things first, I really enjoyed the games art-style! This mix of stylized textures with lots of emission in colors is really pleasing to my eyes! And all the backgrounds are very interesting and intriguing

Same thing I can say about its ambient. You can sometimes hear a low frequency rumbling in the background and a main mysterious ambient. Very atmospheric. I'm very geeky about my sounds :D So that fact that noises have an echo because it's a big cave made me very happy!

The gameplay itself is pretty simple and understandable apart from the fact that there's no guide on using your (weapon?) to its full capacity. not knowing about charging your (weapon?) can get you stuck because this mechanic opens up new areas. I get that the dev is going for "no tutorial" path but there has to be the way of showing his player all games mechanics (especially these necessary ones).

I little note: After I've finished the game and went to the beginning the sound bugged out on me for a few seconds
And I personally became a little annoyed at the fact that Boos (ghost?) can spawn right at your coordinates. It sometimes messes up your jump

All n' all, It's a very visually and musically pleasing little game (demo?). And I hope to see some similar work from the dev :D
That's a video I made:

Hey moshyfawn! Thanks for giving Larme a try! We had a blast watching your video. Thank you for all of the feedback, it was great seeing what you enjoyed and what drove you crazy. We'll hopefully resolve all of the irritating design flaws as we move forward. We're planning on adding plenty of upgrades ;) 



Hi, Clay!
Ahah, yeah, I tend to exaggerate stuff sometimes  :D 
It's great to hear that you'll be adding some new stuff like upgrades!

Check out this play-thru and write up  from Alpha Beta Gamer!


I really enjoyed the art, sound and mechanics, but I couldn't figure out how to get out of the starting area. My apologies if that is my fault.


Hey CoalFire! Thank you for trying out Larme. 
Not being able to get out of the first area is definitely not your fault. You were missing a key mechanic... but that's because we neglected to include any explanation on how to use it! If you hold down "B" you can charge your weapon and release a extra powerful blast. Larme is in a very early stage of development and we will address everything that it misleading or confusing.  We're going to upload a new build that will explain the charge shot on the main menu. Eventually the game will have some sort of tutorial as well as a ton of story content. 
Thank you for bearing through the irritating bits of the demo. You've provided us with valuable feedback that we'll apply to production moving forward.